OHRAB Achievement Award Winner Announced

Congratulations to Bill Barrow and CSU for this wonderful and well deserved recognition!  See below for more information.

OHRAB Achievement Award Announced.

Winners of the 2010 Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board’s Achievement Awards are Cleveland State University’s Michael Schwartz Library Special Collections Department and Montgomery County Records Center and Archives.

Cleveland State’s Special Collections Department has led the Cleveland Memory Project since its beginning in 2002. Institutions as diverse as the Cuyahoga County Engineer’s Office, Berea Children’s Home, Rocky River Public Library, Hathaway Brown School, and Lakewood Historical Society have contributed materials from their collections to Cleveland Memory. Project partners have made more than 42,000 images and other historic items available online. Practicum and internship opportunities provide real world experience to students while bringing fresh from the classroom perspectives to practitioners. Cleveland Memory is a model of multi-institutional collaboration melding local collection knowledge, shared infrastructure, and professional development opportunities. OHRAB congratulates Cleveland State University and its partners for expanding access to Ohio’s historic resources. Cleveland Memory – http://www.clevelandmemory.org/

In 2006 the Montgomery County Records Center and Archives faced every archivist’s nightmare. Active mold, cracked spines on bound volumes, and inadequate storage threatened the existence of the county’s historic records. Through a systematic program of compliance with neglected records disposal schedules, environmental improvements and monitoring, and conservation treatment, Montgomery County Records Center and Archives staff have demonstrated that even monumental problems can be mitigated if approached with determination and creativity. The results of their efforts include reduced storage costs, improved access, and the confidence that the early records of Montgomery County will survive. OHRAB recognizes the Montgomery County Records Center and Archives for preserving Ohio’s public history records. Montgomery County Records Center and Archives  – http://www.mcohio.org/services/recordarchives/about.html

Nominees for the Achievement Award represented small towns and large cities; public and private institutions; universities, historical societies, and records centers; and a full range of historic records – maps, photographs, marriage, birth, death, and estate records, and more. Common to all their successes were collaboration, determination, creativity, and a passionate commitment to the preservation and expanded use of Ohio’s historic records. Clearly, Ohio’s historic records community is achieving admirable results.

For more information please contact awards committee chair Jill Tatum at 216-368-4106 or jill.tatem@case.edu.

The Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board is the central body for historical records planning in the Ohio. Board members represent Ohio’s public and private archives, records offices, and research institutions. http://ohsweb.ohiohistory.org/ohrab/

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  1. Bravo!

    Richly deserved – Cleveland Memory is a rich, rich resource!

    Thanks for bringing this important and fascinating content to life!

    Alison Stankrauff
    Archivist and Assistant Librarian
    Franklin D. Schurz Library
    Indiana University South Bend
    P.O. Box 7111
    South Bend, Indiana 46634
    (574) 520-4392

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