Society for Ohio Archivists 2012 Call for Proposals

The Society of Ohio Archivists invites you to submit session proposals for its spring 2012 Annual Meeting to be held on May 18, 2012 at the OCLC Conference Center in Dublin, Ohio.

We are looking for proposals which include the following ideas as they relate to records, archives, and special collections: maintenance, control, management, viability, durability, renewability, guardianship, continuing, saving and reusing resources and funding sources, collaboration, sustaining enthusiasm and interest in archives, surviving and planning for downsizing and relocation projects.

Other proposals will be accepted as well. The deadline for proposal submission is March 16, 2012.

Please submit the following information with your proposal:

Session Title:

Session contact person name:

Session contact person phone number:

Session contact person email address:

Session participants (name and organization):

A brief, 100 – 200 word description of the session you are proposing and how it relates to the topics above.

Submissions will be accepted via email. Please send your proposals to Jacky Johnson at


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