Job Opportunity: Digital Asset Program Administrator


Cleveland Clinic is looking for an experienced digital asset manager with a passion for innovation and best practices in asset and content management. You’ll take the lead in developing and implementing an outstanding digital asset system from the ground up.

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Summary: Responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of a robust enterprise-wide digital asset management system. These assets include photographs, illustrations, videos, PowerPoint templates and presentations, logos, boilerplates, web content and other graphic and content elements. Oversees the expansion and control of assets in the system, ensures user adoption and accessibility and ongoing quality improvement.

Job Responsibilities: Manage the enterprise’s digital creative assets, from identification and selection to classification, storage and retrieval. Establish and manage an effective metadata process to ensure that asset searches produce timely and meaningful results. Ensure optimal workflow for users to transform creative files into digital assets that are easily searched and downloaded using established numbering and naming conventions. Ensure content storage is well-organized and adheres to a taxonomy and classification system. Oversee the day-to-day operations of the digital asset management system, ensuring an optimal user experience. Manage assigned employees. Work closely with stakeholders across the enterprise to identify needs, ensure adoption and train users on the system workflow. Create and disseminate reports on system usage and lead quality improvement efforts. Ensure that usage adheres to copyright and legal requirements. Sets permissions and access levels.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Management of Information Systems, or related field.

Experience: Five or more years of direct experience in developing, implementing and using relational databases and digital asset management systems. Marketing, brand management and creative development experience a plus.


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