SPACES internship opportunity


Archivist Internship

In the spring of 1978, a number of Cleveland artists received an invitation. Though pecked out on a typewriter, with staggered lines creating slight visual interest, and on unremarkable paper it is still an extraordinary document. Simple, direct, sincere, and modestly ambitious, it asked artists to walk into a new arts organization and immediately become participants in its programming process. There was a careful word choice—these were not meetings they were called gatherings. This choice presumes the reality of a community of artists and it also presumes a benefit from that community’s assembling and discussing issues and ideas of common interest. If one needs to pinpoint a single birth moment for SPACES, the best argument could be made for that casual event, on May 25, 1978.  Perhaps 35 people attended.

Since then, SPACES has presented the work of over 9000 artists from its three headquarters: Playhouse Square (1978 – 1981), the Warehouse District (1981 – 1990), and its current home on the Superior Viaduct (1990 – present).

Due to this longevity SPACES is in need of creating an archive that will ensure the historical importance of this cultural institution is saved for posterity.  As such we are looking for self-motivated individuals that have strong organizational skills to help us create an archive that can easily be searched and maintained.


•  Data entry– maintain and continue the inventory of the materials housed in SPACES archives

•  Create file systems and finding aids for digital and analog materials

•  File brochures, catalogs, newspaper and magazine articles along with other paper materials

•  Pull and re-file documents for internal use

•  Work with Office Administrator to determine items that should be purged from the archives

•  Assist in the preservation and protection of archival materials

•  Digitize significant archival materials at risk of being lost to extensive deterioration


•  Able to dedicate at least 4-7 hours a week, create your own schedule

•  History, Library Science, or Museum Studies student; open to Undergraduate and Graduate students

•  No experience required, but preference given to individuals familiar with archiving

Submit Resume to:

Attn: Michelle Epps, Office Administrator


2220 Superior Viaduct

Cleveland, OH 44113

Or electronically via:

For more information call: 216-621-2314 and ask for Michelle




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