The Cleveland Archival Roundtable is your gateway to the worldwide archival community. Through CAR you can network locally and be updated on activities and issues of interest to archivists in Ohio and in the wider archival community.

CAR membership is open to archivists, historians, and others interested in the preservation and use of the rich historical resources of Cleveland and that part of Northeastern Ohio known as the Western Reserve.  In 2018, CAR adopted a new constitution and by-laws, which include annual individual dues of $10.

Interested in becoming a member of CAR?

  • First, please fill out the linked membership form:
  • After submitting your membership form, you will be sent information on how to pay your dues by cash or check. Please note that checks will be deposited at the end of every month.
  • Click here to pay your dues via Paypal:

**The online payment option will currently be available through June 30, 2023.** After June 30, all dues will need to be paid in cash or by check either by mail or in-person to treasurer Kristin Silvestro.  

Membership Dues


CAR Steering Committee:

Lisa Smilnak, Chair
Cleveland State University College of Law

Christine Liebson, Vice Chair
Case Western Reserve University

Meghan Hays, Secretary
Shaker Heights Public Library

Kristin Silvestro, Treasurer
Western Reserve Historical Society

Tess Hamilton, Communications Chair
Cleveland Museum of Art

vacant, Programming Chair

Pamela Dorazio Dean, Immediate Past Chair
Western Reserve Historical Society

Questions or comments? Email CAR at: clevelandarchivists AT gmail DOT com


  1. Aloha,

    On behalf of SAA’s Committee on Education, I am conducting a survey on how your organization serves underrepresented groups in your community. Services could include workshops for churches and community groups, outreach to schools, or financial support to students and/or non-professionals. Your suggestions on how SAA could increase and/or support diversity-related continuing education workshops are greatly appreciated as well.

    Mahalo piha, helen

  2. I am working with a committee of the Society of Southwest Archivists that is considering restructing our dues. We are polling other archivial organizations around the country to see what others are doing with their dues. Can you answer the following questions for me? Thank you.

    When was your organization founded?
    How many members does your organization have?
    What are the member dues and categories of dues?
    What officers does your organization have?
    How many people are on your board or executive committee?
    What committees does the organization have?
    Does the organization have any paid staff?
    What activities does the organization provide its members?
    What forms of communication does the organization use in communicating with its members?
    Does the organization offer scholarships/awards to its members and if so, how are they funded?
    Does the organization have endowments?

  3. Hi members of CAR, I work with an organization that is seeking to create a historical archive from our board meeting minutes, financial statements, and other paper ephemera. Would we be able to share our internship solicitation/information on this project with your membership in order to find potential students that would be interested in this position for class credit. Thank you in advance for your response!

  4. Is there an email address for your organization? I wanted to ask a question regarding WPA Cemetery Plat Map records in Ohio’s 88 counties. I had spent over a year searching for them county-by-county and many are still missing. I didn’t know if anyone could tell me if the public libraries in Ohio counties hold these types of records. Thank you so much.

  5. Hi

    My name is David Sweetnam, I am a UK resident, my Grandfather was Rev A.E Boyce (Padre Boyce) and I have an extensive collection of his artifacts from WW1, particularly relating to his secondment to the No 9 Lakeside Unit Hospital in Rouen from Dec 1917 to March 1918. I have photographs, 5 log books of all the wounded soldiers he met, details of injuries, next of kin with addresses names and regiments. I also have other leaving cards and items from the unit at the time. I can send down email attachments for much of the information stated if you are interested – there are over 2,500 entries of soldiers at the hospital, many of whom were American and Canadian. The Imperial War Museum in London has created a file on him as evidence of a Padre’s work in WW1. My email address is When he retired from actively preaching in 1963, after 60 years ministry, he had a surprise ‘This is your life’ celebration. I have many letters from relatives and Americans who knew him from that time. I have an article and letters from Constance Hanna in 1963 saying she didn’t want to lose touch with him. Hope this might be of interest to you, Dave

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